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For any construction company safety of the employees occupy utmost importance. We are also wholeheartedly dedicated to provide a safe working environment to our employees and also overlook the safety of the public.

We are committed to ensure safety of our employees and since inception have persistently implemented safety issues which with time, have developed into our safety program.

Over the years we have built a unique reputation for guaranteeing safety of our employees and this has won us the trust of our employees and a reverence from our peers.

Our safety program is endorsed by our owners and management and the supervisors are committed to follow it stringently.

We provide extensive safety trainings to our superintendents and our employees. These generally include first-aid and CPR, fall protection, power line and crane hazard awareness, to name a few.

To keep pace with changes in government regulations and technology we continuously review our safety policies and upgrade them to comply with new regulations and newer concepts and ideas.

We at Reno247 are committed to provide our employees with a safe and secured environment so that they can optimize their skills and deliver world class work. This is also the key behind our peerless reputation in the renovation industry.
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